What we do - Innovation

What is business innovation all about ?

Interesting question….yes!  In some businesses, innovation can be developing a completely new product, research and development, R & D budgets, prototyping, manufacture - stop!  Wait a minute that’s the top end of town!
So, business innovation in small to medium business can be reviewing and refining a simple process or product!  What’s our point? Every small business is different and needs to look at innovation in business from their perspectives.

How can innovation reviews help ?

Innovation can bring success to you and your business and perhaps move you past “the comfort zone” your business has fallen into. Typically if you develop quality management practices you can overcome the limiting factors that hold your business back.
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Business innovation – systemizing your business:  We call it end to end business innovation, considering many in SME its about 2 phone calls.
1. They call you needing a price
2. You call them chasing money.  Using web sites and email marketing to get the phone to ring we consult with the clients to capture all the vital information, deposit and protocols to make sure the 2nd phone call never happens.
How = teaching you!  How easy business can be by synchronizing and systemizing, therefore integrating the www using CMS software and simple custom built databases such as FileMaker to leverage knowledge + information into small business wisdom.
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