What We Do

Mentoring for small business

Bouncing your ideas of an experienced business person
Positive reinforcement of ideas to reality checks.  Find out more about Mentoring.

Do you have a storm brewing – many potential problems are just that !

Many times small to medium business owners realise too late the storm that’s brewing
We may have a simple one easy solution!
Have you ever felt that a growing issue is turning from a cloud on the horizon to a huge storm? ..... if you have been in business for even a short time you would have already realised the quicker you “put up the umbrella”  the sooner you escape from the rain!

Don’t ignore your business warning lights

Simple effective reviews and monitoring can improve your business and personal life.  We can assist in developing key performance indicators and milestones that you and your staff can achieve and monitor.

We can help your business

Control Zones primary business focus is to increase and develop your success.  We develop businesses by helping establish improvement.  View our business snapshot page.

WHO: We can assist in building skills  >> Find out more
HOW: Control Zone can reduce log jams, improve processes to increase output and outcomes  >> Find out more
WHEN: There is no better time to take action to improve your business than right now!  >> Find out more
WHY: The $1million question? It’s a question not asked enough ! Have you asked it recently? Why do we do it this why?   If the answer is because we always do!   Maybe it’s time to look in a mirror.

Yes, it’s the how, when, what and why revisited!

Action now! Best practices of

>> Business planning
>> Mentoring
>> Process Flow
>> Innovation Development

Improve Your Business Brochure  Improve Your Business Brochure (232 KB)
Defining the Project  Defining the Project (209 KB)
Self Assessment Test  Self Assessment Test (187 KB)
Business Growth Questionaire  Business Growth Questionaire (274 KB)
We take a personalised approach  We take a personalised approach (156 KB)