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About you first ! We assist you in developing your business!  

We really think Control Zone is more about your business!
John and Julie Hadfield have built, run and sold successful businesses since 1972 and firmly believe in the adage "it can be lonely running a business" so let's look at your needs first!  Ask us more.

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About us: More about the 'Hadfields'

John and Julie Hadfield have developed and built several businesses and business initiatives to assist and develop businesses.
Both are passionate and experienced business people with a genuine interest in working to help SME's achieve their aims and desires
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Why are we passionate about helping small business

Over 40 years you meet a lot of business owners, CEO's and high level management people.  These business observations and exchanges have provided a unique business insight into the business issues and realities that concern small to medium business owners in Australia, New Zealand and Pacific rim.   Many SMEs are often sidelined, miss out or are just too busy to access business tools, initiatives, Government Assistance Incentives and simple resources that can be vital in business growth and success.
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Where we come from – a quick bio

Here is a quick snap shot about John Hadfield, which may assist you to understand our philosophy and the Control Zone way of looking at consulting

"A consultant borrows your watch and then tells you the time!"    Sometimes maybe that is all you need?

From 1968 my involvement in manufacturing process started with my first training through TAFE college.   After serving my training initially with several various manufacturers, time rolled on and I yearned for control of my destiny and embarked on creation of my own business.

It's a typical aim of many young entrepreneurs – you call it a dream, the trick is not allowing it to become a nightmare.

Looking for new challenges I embarked on my own sole trader business in July 1972.   Growing the business rapidly for many years, answering all the challenges….   Expediential growth, financial growth issues, work place training and planning difficulties.

More training through various training institutions and having the benefit of being mentored by leading industry professionals allowed the knowledge accrual I yearned for.

Professional membership to ASGA, SGIA, ME&SA, NSCA to name a few , allowed board member experiences and business insights shared by few.   After a few years as National Chairman of the Australian Sign and Graphics Association I looked back to my core business and with my wife decided our future needed to be crystal clear.

We had excellent long term experiences in running a medium sized manufacturing business employing around 25 staff in 2 states over 30 years.

We looked for other business opportunities. We created a distribution supply business and offered the vertical integration of our collective knowledge into a new growth area.   Early 1984 saw the advent of computers and software busting onto the scene and actively involved in creating and developing a Sydney and Melbourne based supply based business.   Employing 10+ staff and turning over several million dollars.

But, big 'but' what is this all about?    We asked

Does this sound like you

Like many young and old people "I took what I loved to do, turned it into a business I worked in".  As the business grew I employed people to do what I loved to do and I had to do the work I didn't like to do… paperwork.   Is that you?   I took up the challenge and learnt to love the business process.

Read what our customers say about Control Zone:
Control Zone is proud of it's reputation of straight talking, helpful and honest consulting.  Control Zone's aim is focused on delivering the clients needs.   These needs can be discussed in formal structured meetings and informal chat over a cup of coffee or perhaps a phone call.  

So whatever your needs, we like to think there is an approach, method or process which will deliver what you need.  We are humbled by the kind and thoughtful comments presented below by my peers, clients and friends in business

– many thanks   John.
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