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Meet us @ ControlZone

We like to think relationships right up front ! We want you to get to know us, we are not a “hidden faceless” consultation business.  We are like you, have a story and we want you to know us, we like to think we will earn your trust and respect to be offered the chance to work with people that have a desire to drive their business forward.

Who are the people behind Control Zone Business Consultants?

Control zone is a personal, energetic and innovative small business based in Pyrmont, Sydney NSW and happy to travel to you…anywhere.

Our team is very excited to offer a range of expert services, consulting, mentoring and professional services gained from over four decades of practical business experiences.

Who’ is very important, but we think its all about ‘you’?  However we appreciate you are on our "Control Zone's About Us Page' so let me elaborate.

Firstly we like to impress on our clients that we strive to deliver the best skill set for the task at hand!


’ do we do this?   We acknowledge each business is different and at different times require a wide range of information, intelligence, knowledge, management and skills leading to the quest for gaining wisdom on the subject you are striving to improve.  Therefore your business input is critical to save time, money and improve the foundations of your business…right?

Based on your needs, wishes and aims we will bring a range of skills and people to your table…then we together, work out the best way to improve your business.

About John Hadfield

John Hadfield –”I just love technology and its promise of delivering better results”
Who is John Hadfield – Business Person? I’m a keen business person who enjoys business development and innovation
Likes: The process of improvement, seeing people and their business grow profitably
Dislikes: Complacency, lack of results
Wish List: More Australian businesses who are totally confident in their own ability to deliver the results they desire.


has been very active in business innovation and improvement from creating and building his own business in 1972 to selling both his companies, one locally and one internationally in 2001 - all the time developing trademarks, patents & copyrights and continually building innovative business processes. John’s businesses have been accredited to the prestigious Australian Government Australian Technology Showcase in several areas including Innovation development in Sign and Aluminium Systems and Software development.  After selling his companies he has broadened his knowledge based business background and held the most senior corporate roles locally and internationally.

John is a life member of ASGA, and held many senior board positions in industry association nationally.

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